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Chicago PD Spoilers Fire

Are any Chicago P.D. cops in line for a promotion? What will Abbott Elementary scare up for Halloween? Who has RSVP’d for The Resident‘s wedding? Read on for answers to those questions plus scoop on many other shows. (You can and should email any brand-new Qs to InsideLine@tvline.com.)

Since Chicago P.D. is heading into a milestone season (which includes the 200th episode), are there any plans to promote Kevin, Kim or Adam to the rank of detective? –Demar
We delivered your Q to showrunner Gwen Sigan, who said, “We’re definitely playing with” the idea of possible promotions in Season 10. “We haven’t figured out exactly what we plan on doing with it, but it’s something that’s been there for years. I would love to see some movement there, and get to see some detective badges come in.”

Any info about CSI: Vegas Season 2? I’m thrilled thinking about the possible return of Sqweegel from Season 11 of CSI. –Adam
Whether or not that was in fact a Sqweegel tease in the final frame of Season 1… won’t be answered any time soon. As showrunner Jason Tracey shared at TCA, that killer cliffhanger is “definitely something that’s going to play out and it involves a lot of our season, but we’re not starting there. Good things come to those who wait, and it will sort of metastasize as the season goes along.”

Is that it for Bix on Andor? Is there any chance we’ll see her again? –Damon
“You’re going to have to keep watching!” hedged Adria Arjona when I asked the very same Q. “Bix has a true journey on this show, and she’s gone through so much. They killed [Spoiler] in front of her, she’s been betrayed by this person she trusted, the person she did this for is no longer there, she’s injured, and she can almost sense what is about to come next.”