Chicago Fire EPs Preview #Stellaride Honeymoon 'Mayhem' — Plus, Scoop on #Brettsey and 51's New Firefighter

Chicago Fire Spoilers

Severide and Stella are definitely not getting the peaceful and sexy honeymoon that they hoped for when Chicago Fire returns for Season 11 on Wednesday, Sept. 21 (NBC, 9/8c).

“When we last left our incredible couple, they had just gotten married and were settling in for a nice, romantic honeymoon night,” co-showrunner Derek Haas reminds viewers, who may recall that a mysterious vehicle had pulled up to the location of the newlyweds’ cabin. “Some bad dudes show up where they shouldn’t on a wedding night and mayhem ensues.”

Adds co-showrunner Andrea Newman: “There are those roller coasters that just start at top speed, they don’t build to it. That’s what our premiere is. It’s a surge coaster that comes out like a shot.”

The threat of danger that both Severide and Stella are facing will also take an emotional toll on the new husband, who is “coming to grips with [the fact that] he’s made all these kind of rash decisions along the way as the badass that he is, but he’s never had to do that when he’s married,” Newman shares. “Now he’s not just making decisions for himself. He’s making decisions for Kidd, as well. They’re a unit, they’re a family. So some of that will play itself out, too, coming out of the incident at the top [of the hour].”

Plus, the crime storyline will have larger “ramifications” beyond the season opener, Haas says. “An unanswered question from last year was how did this guy with a knife get into the courthouse where Severide confronted him,” Haas notes, “and that is going to play out not only in this episode, but have some remaining suspense that’s going to rear its ugly head along the way in Season [11].”

Read on for scoop on the future of “Brettsey,” Violet and Hawkins’ romantic outlook, Firehouse 51’s mysterious new addition and more!