#OneChicago Couples, Ranked From Worst to Best: Which Tops Your List?

OneChicago Couples

Between Chicago Fire and spinoffs Chicago P.D. and Chicago Med, there is no shortage of romance in the Windy City. From “Burzek” to “Manstead” to “Stellaride,” the #OneChicago franchise is full of mash-up couple names — and some pairings that simply can’t be contained in a hashtag.

Over the years, we rooted for P.D.’s Halstead and Lindsay, and Fire‘s Casey and Gabby, as they fell in love. But life is full of unexpected surprises and challenges, and now we find ourselves falling for some new romances, right alongside the show’s leading men. But not every love story is a winner: Some past relationships have left a sour taste in our mouths with time, while others were doomed from the very start.

TVLine reviewed #OneChicago’s many couplings, past and present, and sorted them from worst to best. But first, some criteria rules: One-episode flings/hookups and non-starter flirting that didn’t go anywhere don’t count, so sadly, a certain PD cop didn’t make the cut at all. (#AtwaterDeservesLoveToo!) And you won’t find Burgess’ mostly unseen boyfriend Matt Miller, who only appeared in one installment, on this list either.

Check out our rankings below to find out which couple is No. 1 in our hearts, then hit the comments with your own fave pairs — and those that missed the mark.

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