Charmed EPs Reveal What Fans Would (and Wouldn't) Have Seen in Season 5

Charmed Season 5

Charmed fans were left on a heck of a cliffhanger — not to mention an iconic doorstep — when the CW reboot wrapped its four-season run on June 10.

The series came to an early conclusion with the current Charmed Ones — Mel, Maggie and Michaela — arriving at the home of the sisters from the original Charmed, inviting themselves inside when no one answered the door. And while we may never get to see the Vera-Danso and Halliwell-Matthews covens meeting face to face, this is not the end of the story.

“Even though this show has ended, these ladies’ journey doesn’t end,” executive producer Joey Falco tells TVLine. “They’re still fighting. We weren’t going to end with them sitting around a table reading stories to their grandkids like the original show did. The battle continues, which is where we want to leave the audience. They’re still out there fighting.”

So, what might fans have seen in a fifth season of Charmed? Read on for Falco and EP Jeffrey Lieber’s teases below, then drop a comment with your own theoretical wishes for the sisters’ future.

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