Bridgerton: 8 Times Anthony's Seductions Made Us Love the Viscount

Bridgerton, Anthony's bath

Bridgerton fans who thought that Season 2 couldn’t possibly be as steamy and romantic as the Regency-era drama’s inaugural outing were sorely mistaken.

While Simon and Daphne’s Season 1 love affair featured a racy copulation scene in a library (whoa!), Anthony and Kate in Season 2 prolonged their mounting sexual tensions with ravenous staring, heavy breathing, and Eskimo kisses that didn’t manifest into an actual smooch until — ALERT, SPOILERS HENCEFORTH! — Episode 6 of the hit Netflix series. Jonathan Bailey, who stars as Anthony, also won us over with his alter ego’s courtly strut, a mischievous and bedimpled grin, and his breathless delivery of the line: “Do you know all the ways a lady can be seduced? The things I could teach you.”


As swooning viewers know, the viscount’s sultry lesson for Kate (played by Simone Ashley) emerged in the second-to-last episode, when the pair could no longer contain their passions and ripped away at one another’s clothes within the seclusion of a romantic garden gazebo. Not only was Kate’s lilac corset beautiful, but so was their undeniable chemistry. Forbidden fruit, indeed.

But there is more to Anthony than his sex appeal; his vulnerability tugged at our heart strings, too. This includes the eldest Bridgerton son’s minor panic attack over Kate’s bee sting, and that heartfelt chat with his younger brother Gregory about their father. Anthony’s emotionally healing exchanges with his mother, Lady Violet, were equally touching.

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