15 TV Stars Who Are Having the Hottest Winning Streaks

TV Stars With Most Hit Shows

If actors are lucky to make lightning strike once in their careers, the performers on this list are blessed beyond belief.

We surveyed the current TV landscape and took stock of the 15 current TV stars with the most impressive list of consecutive-ish hit series, and you might be surprised to see who made the cut.

A COUPLE OF GROUND RULES before we dive in:
♦ “Current” TV stars refers to living actors or actresses (i.e. small-screen legends such as Lucille Ball and Robert Guillaume are not eligible) who are still actively working in the biz.
♦ Extra weight is given to a star who was present at a series’ launch and stuck around to the series finale (and remained a series regular throughout).
♦ The longer the series has remained on the air (for better or worse), the hotter the win streak.
♦ Bonus points were given to those stars with few misfires between hits.

Last but not least: This is a subjective exercise vs. an exact science. In other words, there will be omissions. And we invite you to call us out on those glaring O’s in the comments. Who knows? Maybe you’ll even see the most popular call-outs in a follow-up, readers’ choice list!

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