Big Brother's Best and Worst Winners, Ranked: Who's the No. 1 Champion?

Big Brother Winners Ranked Best Worst

Twenty-five Big Brother houseguests have expected the unexpected, secured their safety with competition wins, lied, schemed and manipulated their way to that big grand prize. But who did it the best?

Now that Big Brother‘s 24th season on CBS has concluded, ending with a history-making victory for Taylor Hale, TVLine is taking stock of the summer staple’s best and worst winners. In the list below, we’re considering every facet that makes for a deserving BB winner — alliance loyalty, comp prowess, savvy gameplay and strategy, and even a player’s general entertainment value — to help us determine who is the best of the best and who is, well, Adam. (Spoiler alert!)

Below you’ll find heavy hitters who formed the strongest of alliances (such as The Brigade’s Hayden Moss), along with some of the game’s most famous faces (BB12 and 13‘s Rachel Reilly and BB16‘s Derrick Levasseur). Plus, we’ve ranked the game’s most infamous villains (including Season 8’s “Evel” Dick Donato), and its sole streaming-only winner (Over the Top‘s Morgan Willett). And recency bias be damned, find out where Hale landed after emerging triumphant from Season 24.

Have opinions of your own? We want to hear ’em! View our carefully crafted ranking below, then light up the comments section to let us know what your Top 10 would look like.

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