25 Best Workplace Comedies, Ranked!

Best TV Shows Workplace Comedies

Dealing with impossible coworkers can be hell, but watching others struggle to get along in the workplace is oftentimes comedy gold.

Welcome to TVLine’s inaugural ranking of the best workplace comedies of all time. We’ve cherry-picked our absolute favorites starting from the ’70s on up through this past TV season — and it was not easy. Our top picks come from a wide variety of networks (Comedy Central, The WB, HBO, Adult Swim and more), and cover fictional newsrooms, schools, bars, government departments and, of course, a certain paper company that holds a special place in our hearts.

Here, we’ve included old school fare like Taxi and Cheers, and ranked them accordingly alongside newer selections like Parks and Recreation, Abbott Elementary and Scrubs, to name a few.

But before you start scrolling, a couple of notes: For this particular list, we only considered U.S. productions (apologies to the OG Office and The IT Crowd). In addition, we’ve excluded a couple heavy-hitters like Veep and Ted Lasso, which don’t quite stick to one core setting, or follow the typical workplace comedy formula. (Again, difficult decisions had to be made!)

So which series topped our list? Scroll down to see how everything shook out, and be sure to drop some comments to let us know which shows would make your personal list!