Never Won an Emmy: 25 Great But Snubbed Shows

TV Shows Never Won Emmy

The 73rd Primetime Emmy Awards will be handed out on Sunday evening, and if history is any indication, plenty of excellent series will go home undeservedly empty-handed.

For every Emmy darling that snags a trophy year after year (Modern Family! Game of Thrones!), there’s an equally acclaimed show that gets inexplicably shut out from any wins — and, in some cases, snubbed from nominations altogether. (An early warning to Better Call Saul fans: AMC’s Breaking Bad spinoff is in serious danger of experiencing said fate, going into its final season with a whopping 39 nominations and zero wins.)

We here at TVLine did some digging into the Emmy archives and found 25 great shows that were never once graced with Emmy gold — and trust us, you won’t believe some of these names. The Good Place? Bates Motel? The freakin’ Wire?!

From beloved comedies like Parks and Recreation to sci-fi favorites like Star Trek, our list below runs the gamut of genres and lifespans, including short-lived gems like My So-Called Life, Party Down and Enlightened.

Read on to see all the great shows that the Emmys totally whiffed on, then hit the comments below to share your outrage and recognize any series we may have missed!

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