TV's Most Uncanny Flashback Casting From OUAT, Supernatural, Golden Girls, NCIS, Vampire Diaries and More

Best TV Flashback Casting

TV shows love a flashback to provide added insight into a character — and we love it when an actor is so perfectly cast as the younger counterpart that we’re left doing a double take.

TVLine’s list of the small screen’s most uncanny flashback casting is filled with dead ringers who shared a remarkable resemblance with the stars who played the more mature characters. But it’s not just physical traits that had us seeing double. From speech patterns to mannerisms to crying techniques, our picks often impressively captured the essence and performances of their grown-up selves. (We might have even wondered once or twice if time travel was impossible and that’s how the flashback scenes were shot. The actors were just that good!)

Our selections include the younger versions of Supernaturals Sam Winchester, The O.C.‘s Sandy Cohen, Brooklyn Nine-Nine‘s Hitchcock and Scully, Supergirls Danvers sisters and many more. One actress even made our list twice for her spot-on portrayals of two different characters, while This Is Us‘ multiple timelines and top-notch ensemble meant we couldn’t limit ourselves to just one pick.

NOTE: Flashback casting involving actors who are related (e.g Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.‘s Garretts, NCIS‘ Gibbses), while savvy, were deemed ineligible for inclusion.

Review our roundup of TV’s Uncanniest Flashback Casting, then hit the comments to share your favorites!

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