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American Idol Top 20 Results
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Between those weekly self-eliminations, that surprise return and the erasure of a mystery contestant named Beckett Rex (what even?!), it’s been a wild season of American Idol, my friends. And we hadn’t even gone live yet!

That much finally changed on Sunday, as Idol revealed its Top 20 finalists during the first live episode of Season 21. Would I have preferred that the reveal was spread over two hours, as opposed to an agonizing three? Absolutely. Come on, some of us still have Succession to watch after this!

That said, we ended up with a damn good Top 20, so I’ll forgive ABC for hijacking my entire Sunday night. (Let’s not make a habit out of it, though.)

Sadly, with the reveal of those lucky 20 singers, we also had to watch a half-dozen hopefuls reach the end of their Idol journeys in real time. And I don’t know about you, but I was surprised by how much I cared about some of this week’s eliminations. It’s always a strange feeling when you realize you’ve become more attached to a singer than you realized. And now it’s too late.

On that extremely dark note, let’s break down Sunday’s results, shall we? Read on for a list of the Top 20 singers remaining in the competition, complete with video of this week’s performances. We’re also pouring one — er, six — out for those who got the boot.

And remember, voting is now open!

Once you’ve digested the outcomes, drop a comment with your thoughts on Idol‘s first live episode of Season 21 below. Which singers are you rooting for now, and which eliminated contestant(s) should still be in the game?

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