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American Idol Top 10 Results
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We can now count the number of remaining American Idol contestants on two hands, which is helpful for mathematically-challenged viewers like myself who really can’t go much higher than that.

Sunday’s two-hour live installment paid homage to a dozen Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductees, while showing absolutely no respect whatsoever to two more singers booted unceremoniously from the competition. (Remember when Idol gave everyone their own goodbye song? I miss that.)

The 12 singers voted through from last week — Colin Stough, Haven Madison, Iam Tongi, Lucy Love, Marybeth Byrd, Megan Danielle, Nutsa, Oliver Steele, Tyson Venegas, Warren Peay, Wé Ani and Zachariah Smith — returned on Sunday for the first coast-to-coast live voting episode of the season.

And who better to coach this motley crew than Idol icon Adam Lambert? In addition to performing a single off his new album (and making Ryan Seacrest stand on a box just to look him in the eye), the Season 8 runner-up also helped pull some impressive performances out of the remaining 12 singers.

Read on for a complete breakdown of tonight’s results, including the 10 singers moving forward and the two saying goodbye. Once you’ve digested the outcomes, vote in our polls and drop a comment with your thoughts. Are you upset about either elimination?

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