American Idol Top 24 Revealed: Did Your Faves Survive the Final Judgment?

American Idol Top 24

Two dozen American Idol hopefuls are trading Hollywood for Hawaii after the latest round of eliminations.

Monday’s episode brought with it the dreaded Final Judgment, forcing Katy Perry, Luke Bryan and Lionel Richie to make some difficult cuts in order to finalize the Top 24 of Season 20.

The two-hour affair also witnessed the judges playing mental gymnastics with the contestants. Like, even more than usual. Take this actual quotation, for example: “I’m sorry to say that your Idol journey is ending… at some point in the future, but not today.”

Then there was this curveball: “You’re not going to make it to our Top 25… but that’s OK, because there is no Top 25.”

But this one? This one crossed the line of human decency: “Unfortunately, we are eliminating you from the Top 59… and putting you in the Top 24.” I mean, come on.

And while we’re discussing the judges’ determination to crank up the tension tonight, can we talk about those awkward on-the-spot sing-offs? As if these poor kids haven’t been through enough already.

Scroll down to see which 24 hopefuls made it through to the Top 24, hit PLAY on their Showstopper performances, then drop a comment with your thoughts. Which singer(s) would get your vote(s)?

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