American Idol's Top 10 Revealed! Plus, Who Won the Judge's Song Contest?

American Idol Judges Song Contest

“Tonight, it’s double the competition and double the drama. Get ready for a twist no one sees coming!”

That was Ryan Seacrest’s ominous warning atop Monday’s American Idol, which held the franchise’s first-ever Judge’s Song Contest before bidding adieu to another pair of hopefuls. And by “another pair,” we just mean one, because Seacrest wasn’t kidding about there being a major twist.

Here’s how it worked: Each of the judges — Katy Perry, Luke Bryan and Lionel Richie — chose a song for each of the remaining 11 contestants. Whenever a contestant chose one of the judges’ songs, the judge who picked it earned a point. And then, you know, math.

Bryan and Perry ultimately tied, earning four points each in the inaugural competition, followed by Richie with three. What we didn’t learn until the very end, though, was that the winner of the contest — or winners, in this case — got to save one of the Bottom Two contestants.

Read on for a complete breakdown of how the 11 contestants fared on Monday, with official videos from each performance to be added when they become available.

Once you’ve processed everything, drop a comment with your thoughts below. Did the right singer get the boot? Did the judges save the right person?

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