American Horror Story Returns to the '80s With a Gay Serial Killer Story in Season 11 Premiere — Grade AHS: NYC!

American Horror Story Season 11

The road to American Horror Story‘s eleventh season has been a long and mysterious one.

Without so much as a trailer ahead of the long-awaited premiere, fans dealt with a level of secrecy not seen since the days of Roanoke. Back in July, the deafening silence of the Powers That Be led several of the show’s fan accounts to organize a strike until FX and/or Ryan Murphy “formally acknowledged” Season 11. Much to their dismay, it would be two months before the series would be confirmed for a “fall” return, then two more before its official announcement as AHS: NYC.

Now here we are — the nineteenth day of October in the year of our Billie Lourd 2022 — and the first two episodes have premiered on FX. We met the show’s new cast of characters. We watched Patti LuPone perform in a bathhouse. We all agreed never to order another Mai Tai for as long as we live.

Read on for the who, what, when and WTF of the season’s first two episodes, then drop a comment with your review of AHS: NYC (and its many thinly veiled metaphors) thus far.