American Greed: Pharma Bro and 6 More Reprehensible Recent Criminals — Plus, a Classic Gruesome Twosome

American Greed Worst Offenders

Gordon Gekko was wrong. Greed is not good.

Especially when you’re talking about the subjects of CNBC’s American Greed — white-collar criminals who have murdered folks, caused immeasurable financial pain and suffering, and ripped off the elderly and most vulnerable.

Currently wrapping up a Season 14 filled with fraudsters (and narrator Stacy Keach’s signature scorn), American Greed has never had a shortage of despicable and avaricious opportunists, thieves and confidence people to profile. To that end, the CNBC cult favorite — which can also be streamed on Peacock — this week kicked off an addendum of sorts called American Greed Bonus Edition (Mondays, 10/9c), featuring juicy updates on some of the show’s most wretched wrongdoers. This includes new details on Dalia Dippolito, the former Florida escort-turned-housewife who was profiled in Season 12 and convicted for attempting to outsource the murder of her husband, which was secretly videoed.

Fans can also expect updates on David H. Brooks, the defamed military supplier from Season 1 whose stock fraud and pilfering allowed him to live a lavish lifestyle and throw a $10 million bat mitzvah for his daughter. (Although Brooks is deceased, his family and estate are still dealing with the financial ramifications of his crimes.)

Inspired by Dippolito and Brooks, we’ve compiled our own list of dastardly, alive-and-kicking ne’er-do-wells featured mostly in recent seasons. That ignominious list includes Dippolito, Martin Shkreli aka Pharma Bro (and his Resting Smirk Face), and Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino.

The Black Widow grandmas — Helen Golay and Olga Rutterschmidt — are the only “throwbacks” on the list. But our condemnation matters little because, not to be morbid, but the last of their years will take place in prison.

Scroll our list of American Greed‘s most dreadfully current criminals below, then drop a comment with the names of any rotten eggs we might have forgotten!

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