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All American EP on Spencer and Olivia's 'Opposing Directions' in Season 5 — Plus, Will 'Jordayla' Happen?

All American Season 5 Spoilers

When All American opens its fifth season, Spencer James and Olivia Baker are “still very, very much in love,” according to showrunner Nkechi Okoro Carroll. The problem: That love may not be enough to keep the teens’ relationship afloat.

“This isn’t a high school crush. It really is true love,” Carroll tells TVLine. “They are two passionate people who have huge dreams that are moving them in opposing directions, and that is hard to contend with. It’s easier for things to fall apart if you fall out of love. But what do you do with a relationship where you’re still very, very much in love, but all the other forces are getting in the middle?”

The CW football drama wrapped Season 4 with Spencer and Olivia on the verge of a potential breakup, following Olivia’s revelation that she’s writing an exposé on Spencer’s corrupt GAU football coach. And though Olivia recognizes that “there are 100 other stories she could cover” that don’t upend her boyfriend’s future, “there is a large-scale wrong happening, from her perspective,” Carroll admits. “Social justice, speaking up for smaller voices, going up against the establishment — that’s always been part of who Olivia is, and now she has a story that is all of those things… It has to do with righting a wrong, and when it comes to something like that, it’s hard for Olivia to back off it.”

Ahead of All American‘s Season 5 premiere (airing Monday, Oct. 10 at 8/7c), Carroll remains tight-lipped about whether Spencer and Olivia’s relationship will ultimately survive this latest hurdle. She will tease, though, that the exploration of Coach Garrett’s corruption is “not just Olivia’s storyline for the season. It’s actually everyone’s. The discovery that gets made is something that impacts a lot of people.”

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