AGT Reveals Pair of Game-Changing Twists Ahead of Season 17 Live Shows — Which Wild Card Gets Your Vote?

AGT Season 17 Wild Cards

With just one week until the first live show of America’s Got Talent Season 17, the judges — spearheaded by reality visionary Simon Cowell — have decided to shake things up a bit.

A whopping 138 acts received a “yes” from the judges this year, and the idea of whittling that number down to just 36 was simply insurmountable to Cowell. Enter Tuesday’s first twist: Rather than sending 36 acts to the live shows, the judges are sending 55. And even doing that is “going to be tough” for Cowell, who “absolutely cannot believe the talent this year.”

At that point, the only acts confirmed to be going through were this season’s six Golden Buzzer recipients: saxophonist Avery Dixon, vocal trio Chapel Hart, singer-songwriter Lily Meola, singer Madison Taylor Baez, dance group Mayyas and singer Sara James.

Once auditions concluded, the judges convened at Cowell’s compound — sans Sofia Vergara, who sent along her detailed, color-coded and bedazzled notes — where they successfully managed to determine 54 of the 55 acts going live. And that’s where the second twist came in.

Unable to choose the final act, Cowell suggested that the decision be turned over to the viewers. The judges have chosen four potential wild cards — singers Ben Waites and Debbii Dawson, comedian Jordan Conley and danger act Auzzy Blood — for fans to vote into the final slot, which can be done via social media or by visiting AGT‘s official website. Voting closes on Friday at 7 am ET.

Read on to refresh your memory of the four wild cards, then drop a comment with your pick below.


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