AGT: All-Stars Gives Britain's Tom Ball a Shot at Redemption in Week 5 — Watch

AGT All Stars Episode 5

Imagine proving the existence of time travel and still not making it into the top three. The AGT: All-Stars superfans are not easily impressed.

Of course, the manipulation of time and space was just one of many talents brought forth in the fifth week of auditions. We also enjoyed the simple pleasure of watching two former sumo wrestlers make funny noises by slapping their tummies together — which is also a talent.

Thus far, the judges and superfans have sent eight acts through to the finals: aerialist Aidan Bryant, magician Aidan McCann, saxophonist Avery Dixon, the actrobatic Bello Sisters, Detroit Youth Choir, dance group Light Balance Kids, stand-up comedian Mike E. Winfield and dance pair Power Duo.

Hoping to join them were the 10 Got Talent veterans who took the stage on Monday: ventriloquist Ana-Maria Mărgean, singer Archie Williams, comedian Axel Blake, magician Jasper Cherry, singer-songwriter Mandy Harvey, rapping magician Mervant Vera, singer Peter Rosalita, singer Tom Ball, World Taekwondo Demonstration Team and comedic duo Yumbo Dump.

Read on to find out how this week’s 10 acts fared, complete with video of their auditions. When you’re done, vote for the acts you would have sent through and drop a comment with your thoughts on the season thus far.