AGT: All-Stars: Which Act Will Win Season 1? And Which Should Win?

AGT All Stars Finale Winner Predictions

Now that the remaining 11 acts have returned to the AGT: All-Stars stage for one last performance, we’re just one week away from (finally!) crowning a winner.

Monday’s episode officially kicked off the Finals, giving each of the 11 finalists — Aidan Bryant, Aidan McCann, Ana-Maria Mărgean, Avery Dixon, Bello Sisters, Detroit Youth Choir, Kodi Lee, Light Balance Kids, Mike E. Winfield, Power Duo and Tom Ball — their final opportunity to impress the AGT superfans and earn their votes.

Now, this is the point during a season of reality competition that we must ask ourselves two questions: Who do we think should win the whole shebang, and who do we think actually will take home the top prize? Those answers are rarely the same, especially on a show like AGT: All-Stars, where the opinions of the superfans don’t always align with the rest of us watching from home.

Personally, my money’s on Lee. The inspiring musician, whose incredible talent is as genuine as the joy he expresses in each performance, is never less than phenomenal — the rare act that both the superfans and the viewers seem to love. Plus, he already won his season of AGT, so why not add another trophy to the case?

Read on for a breakdown of the 11 remaining acts, including video of their final performances from Monday’s episode. Once you’ve taken stock of who’s left, vote in our polls below: Which act do you predict will win, and which do you believe should win?

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