AGT: All-Stars Finale Crowns Surprising Winner — Did the Superfans Go Rogue?

AGT All Stars Finale Winner Results

As America watched helplessly from home, Monday’s AGT: All-Stars finale revealed which act the superfans deemed, to quote Drag Race‘s Alaska, “more all and more star-like” than the others.

Following last week’s performance episode, the remaining 11 acts — aerialist Aidan Bryant, magician Aidan McCann, ventriloquist Ana-Maria Margean, saxophonist Avery Dixon, the acrobatic Bello Sisters, the Detroit Youth Choir, singer Kodi Lee, dance group Light Balance Kids, dancers Power Duo and singer Tom Ball — returned to the AGT stage to learn their fate.

Heading into the finale, 35 percent of TVLine readers believed that Ball should win, followed by Lee with 22 percent. But those results flipped when we asked which act they predicted would win, with Lee earning 39 percent of the votes to Ball’s 32. Both scenarios then put Bryant in third place, Light Balance Kids in fourth and Power Duo in fifth.

Spoiler alert: Things did not go exactly as our readers predicted. In fact, despite viewers’ appreciation for the winning act, we suspect that most of the viewers will be pretty surprised by the way things shook out.

But enough babbling, let’s get to the results! Read on to see how the final 11 acts ranked in the end, including which lucky contestant earned enough superfan votes to win the first season of AGT: All-Stars