30 Rock's Fake TV Shows and Movies: Which Ones Would We Actually Watch?

30 Rock Fake TV Shows Movies

Like Kenneth Parcell, we just love television so much… even shows that never actually existed.

The 30 Rock gang is returning to NBC this week for a scripted reunion special — it doubles as an upfront presentation for NBCUniversal’s family of networks, which sounds like a Jack Donaghy fever dream — and the reunion news got us thinking about all the great fake TV shows and movies that Liz, Jack, Tracy and Jenna treated us to over the years. In fact, some of them are sounding pretty appealing these days, to be honest. (We’re four months into a quarantine lockdown here, so yeah, we’d totally binge some MILF Island right about now.)

In honor of 30 Rock‘s return to the airwaves, we here at TVLine are rounding up the most memorable fake TV shows and movies from all seven seasons and ranking them in terms of watchability, from “nope, no thanks” to “yes, we’d literally pay money to see that.” (Note: 30 Rock served up a seemingly bottomless buffet of fake titles, so we had to narrow it down to the 24 most notable. Apologies to fans of Tracy’s remake, A Blaffair to Rememblack.)

Read on to see where we ranked would-be classics like The Rural Juror and Honky Grandma Be Trippin’, and then hit the comments below to remind us of any goodies we didn’t mention.

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