24's Best 25 Characters, Ranked!

24 Best Characters Ranked

Jack Bauer has had some reeeally bad days.

Over the course of nine seasons (plus the TV-movie Redemption), 24‘s seemingly indestructible CTU agent (iconically played by Kiefer Sutherland) has accumulated a swarm of enemies. While Bauer was busy conquering terrorism and chasing down bad guys (most likely while screaming “Dammit!” at the top of his lungs), the series delivered a high-stakes world of nuclear bombs and deadly viruses that was chock-full of colorful characters. Despite the fact that many of Bauer’s adversaries wanted him dead and buried, some of them have rightfully earned their spots on this very list.

But Jack also met loads of ride-or-die colleagues who helped our hero thwart danger along the way.

Here, TVLine has broken down the 25 best characters, spanning friends, foes and everything in between. From conspiracy heads (including one diabolical U.S. president) and lethal femme fatales, to Jack’s many loves (Audrey Boudreau and Renee Walker) and those who always had his back (Bill Buchanan and Chloe O’Brian), we’re celebrating the heroes, villains, government officials and others who kept us glued to our screens, soaking in the action-packed sagas (and sometimes-soapy drama).

Yes, we included Kim… sans her infamous feline co-star, of course. But we did exclude from consideration the one-and-done 2017 spinoff 24: Legacy (#SorryNotSorry).

Miss Jack Bauer and the gang? Still pining for more 24? Take a trip back to CTU: Los Angeles with this ranked list of our favorite characters — WARNING, SPOILERS APLENTY! — and then hit the Comments and tell us who we forgot or misplaced.

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