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Ted Lasso‘s Brett Goldstein on That Roy and Jamie Moment in Episode 2 — Plus, Trent Crimm’s New Role Revealed

Early into Wednesday’s Ted Lasso, former foes Roy Kent and Jamie Tartt share something of a full-circle moment.

After finding out that Roy and Keeley broke up, Jamie, of all people, is the first to try and console Roy. He attempts to give his assistant coach a hug, who responds with a full-body shove.

Yes, it’s an extremely funny moment, but it also signifies just how much Jamie has grown as a person since we first met him in Season 1. Asked how much it pains Roy to see that Keeley’s former boy toy is now the more emotionally mature one, portrayer Brett Goldstein tells TVLine, “Oh, it’s awful! It’s awful for him. Any time Jamie understands things better than Roy is a terrible position for Roy.”

Goldstein also confirms our hunch that Episode 2’s #HugFail was crafted with Roy’s previous embrace of Jamie in mind. “It’s the inverse of Man City,” he says. “Roy hugged Jamie and it’s a beautiful thing; Jamie goes to hug Roy and it’s ‘What the f–k are you doing?'”

Ted Lasso Season 3, Episode 2 Not helping Roy’s already sour mood is the arrival of Trent Crimm, no longer of The Independent. The recovering journalist is shadowing AFC Richmond to write a book about their unlikely comeback under Coach Lasso, and Roy’s still hung up on a particularly harsh critique that Trent wrote when he, too, was still green. They eventually bury the hatchet, and Roy tears up the newspaper clipping he’s kept in his wallet since he was 17 years old.

Episode 2 also brings Richmond’s former captain back to Stamford Bridge, where he first got his start with Chelsea F.C. He goes on to recall a particularly brutal match against Arsenal where he played like “s–t.” It was the first match where he ever thought to himself, “I can’t keep up anymore. I’m not good enough.” It was all he could think about for the rest of the season, so he fled Chelsea for Richmond. “Going back there today, there’s a part of me that thinks maybe I should’ve stayed and just f–king enjoyed myself,” he says. “But that’s not who I am, I guess.”

When we ask Goldstein if that same sentiment applies to Roy’s recently ended relationship with Keeley, he perks up and says, “I think you are understanding it, yes.”

Among other notable developments in Episode 2…

* Rebecca tells Keeley the story of how she met Rupert: She was tending bar at the time, and Rupert was the life of the party. He was still married when he first asked her out, so she said “no.” But he kept coming back, night after night, week after week, and she began to feel special — like she’d been chosen — and he turned her “no” into a “yes.”

* In the present day, Ted Lasso Season 3, Episode 2Rebecca’s worried that her ex-husband is about to work that same charm on free agent Zava, the international football sensation sought over by every English Premier League club. It’s that which motivates her to initiate #BossAssBitch mode and confront Zava in the men’s room, where she calls him an overrated “chicken s–t” and says that signing with West Ham would be cowardice. In turn, Zava agrees to bring his inflated ego to Nelson Road and play for Richmond.

* Keeley hires Shandy, a friend from her modeling days, to come work at her public relations firm. She does so without having a dedicated position for her, so Barbara names her KJPR’s client relations coordinator.

* CFO Barbara also receives something of a backstory, with her vast collection of snow globes shown to inform the audience that she’s never in one place (or one job) too long. She picks up and moves wherever the VC firm behind KJPR needs her. That would explain why she seems to give just about everyone the cold shoulder.

What did you think of Ted Lasso Season 3, Episode 2: “(I Don’t Want to Go to) Chelsea”? Sound off in Comments.

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