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Survivor‘s [Spoiler] on Danny’s Shady ‘Scout’s Honor’ Promise: ‘His Word Meant Very Little to Me in That Game’

Survivor Episode 9 Frannie
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The following contains spoilers from Wednesday’s episode of Survivor.

Former Ratu member Kane Fritzler always seemed to be playing from the bottom. One by one he watched his allies leave the game — from Maddy and Matthew to Soka member Matt — leaving him with little wiggle room and less control than he would’ve liked.

In Wednesday’s episode of Survivor, a negotiation with Jeff for a bag of rice led to Kane, Heidi, Lauren and Carson sitting out of the immunity challenge. When it came time to vote at Tribal Council, all eyes (and a majority of the votes) fell on Kane, as Soka continued to dominate and decimate the former Ratus. (Read a full recap here.)

What was he expecting to happen instead and why didn’t his alliance target the Tikas? Below, Kane breaks it all down.

TVLINE | You made the decision to sit out of the challenge in order to get some rice for the tribe. Now that you know how that played out, do you regret it?
KANE FRITZLER | I don’t regret it, but I would recalibrate. I’m true to what I said at Tribal Council. For me, it was risk assessment. I wasn’t exactly known for my wonderful balance out there in Fiji and I saw a little piece of wood that I had to balance a ball on and I was like, “This isn’t gonna be my strong suit.” So, it was an easy decision. If it was something that I thought I had even like a 50 percent chance in winning, I would have tried it, but I did not want to be the person who went on the challenge, lasted for 25 seconds, and then went and sat on the bench without getting rice. That was my thought process and I stand by it. So my regret isn’t like, “Oh, darn it. I sat out and now I’m gone because I definitely would have won that immunity.” My thing is like, man, I should have just not cared and I should have just not been scared to fail in that moment. I think that was the lesson for me. “Let’s just play for yourself,” you know?

TVLINE | When you received that “scout’s honor” from Danny, were you aware that he was not, in fact, an actual scout?! Crazy, right?
That came as a huge surprise. I definitely thought they had scouts in the Bronx Fire Department. [Laughs] Yeah, Danny’s word meant very little to me in that game, and it even meant very little to him. His face is moving and he’s shaking his head when he says things. I wasn’t banking on that scout’s honor, that’s for sure.

TVLINE | Tribal Council broke out into a series of whispers and side conversations. Tell me a little bit about what it was like to be in the middle of all that.
It was fun and you know, I asked for it! I manifested it a couple of minutes earlier. Jeff asked me if I wanted chaos and then all of a sudden everyone’s coming and whispering in my ear and telling me different plans. You get what you ask for!

Survivor 44 Episode 9I felt uncertain about what would happen because there was a remarkable number of different strategies in which I was enlightened. I wanted to think that my plan was the one that was happening, but I wasn’t certain. And even if I was certain, I was pretty sure that it had leaked because things leaked a lot on our season. I obviously was very paranoid about an idol holder, so I wanted to know where their votes were going. I basically was like, “I don’t think I have enough information here.” And me leaning over to Frannie was me trying and get some more information, because as far as Frannie had told me, we were pointed at the Tikas. I wanted to see if I could make anyone slip, see if I can find any inconsistencies and see if there was something deeper going on. But they’re all really good players, so they kept their lies straight considering how many people I talked to that trial.

TVLINE | Why did you vote for Danny instead of Heidi? And where did you expect the rest of the votes to fall?
My perception going in was that we had me and the Tika four on Danny and then Lauren, Jamie, Lauren (with the extra vote) on Heidi as a backup. We had told Soka to split on Yam and Carolyn. And I thought even if they didn’t do that, then hopefully, even if it’s pointed at me, I’m still insulated here because I have a three-person split vote on Heidi. I’m with the Tikas on Danny. So that’s what I thought was gonna happen. “Hoped” is probably a better word because there was a lot of different things going around.

Danny was the player that was sort of this source of chaos and I’m a dice player. I like my chaos, but I like it to be organized. And to me, removing Danny allowed me to see a board in front of me. Once Danny’s gone and these people get unhooked from him, I can probably work with Frannie and Heidi moving forward. Maybe disrupt Tika after that, boom, boom, and try and move forward. So Danny was sort of this orb that blocked my vision of what my final Tribal looked like. And I was like, “Once I remove this man, I’ll have clarity about how to win this game.” And then I went home.

Survivor 44 KaneTVLINE | Who did you want to go to the Final 3 with?
If I had my absolute pick of the litter, I think I would have stayed with my Ratu girls. I think it would have been me, Jamie and Lauren. For one, I had a very good working relationship with them. They never once lied to me in the post-merge, and actually, I don’t think either of them lied to me. I had a good trusting relationship with them. I knew that they were willing to do the plans that I wanted to do, and I thought that if I got in there, there’s a good enough narrative about the Ratu-strong steam-rolling. But I thought I could kind of punch up as the sort of champion of that effort. I knew that I had to deal with Carson and Yam at some point, but it wasn’t going to be that vote.

TVLINE | Frannie pitched to Danny a possible Yam Yam vote. With Tika playing the middle, did you or any other Ratu member ever consider targeting a Tika player?
Yeah, we were aware that they were playing the middle. We were party to that conversation. I met with Danny and Frannie. I was aware of that, and as far my last strategy with them, we were voting for Tika based on that rationale, and that was a rationale I agreed with. But our relationship with the Tikas, just because we had this adopted child Carson, we felt that there was that connection which Jamie didn’t really feel with Sokas. So I think Carson was an anchor. He was very much considered an honorary Ratu, so by extension, our perception was we’re using his numbers. So we weren’t as aware that they were playing the middle as well as they were. They covered that very well. But we thought that we would have him secured for at least another vote. That was always my perception, which was obviously bad. I was like, “I’ll put this off till tomorrow. I don’t really want to deal with that right now.” I literally procrastinated taking care of Tika, true to my form, and that bit me.

TVLINE | What was the hardest part of your Survivor experience?
That’s a good question. I think that the one answer is the rain. That’s the one thing it’s hard to prepare for. You can try intermittent fasting and you can make fire and you can make shelters, but the rain hits hard and it sucks. But I think beyond that, I left that game without ever actually voting for the person who went home. I think that’s actually the hardest pill for me to swallow because I had so many plans and I had so much strategy to talk with people and I had very good relationships, but I was always part of the perceived majority. And so I was just sort of the advisor who was going around and being like, “Everything’s fine, we’re on pace.” The plans that I wanted always ended up being the plans that got messed up. So I think that’s my thing. I would have loved to have a few more votes out there where I really got to stamp my mark on that season.

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