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911 Recap Season 6 Episode 14 Chimney
Courtesy of Fox

Chimney learned a tough but valuable lesson on Monday’s 9-1-1, one that will not only make him a better firefighter but might also help him take an important step in his personal life. (Gasp?)

It all began with Chimney’s annual evaluation, during which Bobby informed him that his leadership skills could use a tune-up so he was sending Chimney back to the academy.

“I think he’s absolutely right,” Kenneth Choi tells TVLine. “Chimney is one of those guys that kind of likes staying in the middle. I don’t know if you watch Top Chef, but some of the chef tests will say, ‘I didn’t want to win, I didn’t want to lose, I just wanted to be safe. I feel that chimney is kind of that way. He’s always just trying to be safe. And in trying to be safe, he doesn’t ever excel.”

As Bobby anticipated in all his benevolence, Chimney turned out to be a natural-born leader, guiding several trainees in the right direction — and convincing Ravi to return to the 118, which was really Bobby’s plan all along.

911 Ravi Returns“Yes, Ravi is back to stay,” Choi confirms. “At least I hope he stays, because [Anirudh Pisharody] is a lovely guy and they’re turning his character into such an interesting, funny role.”

As for whether this newfound drive might push Chimney to, say, get down on one knee and propose to Maddie, Choi admits, “I do think that falls into the whole fold of Chimney not really being able to make big decisions because he’s always hesitant. He can’t pull the trigger on a lot of things.”

If not a long-overdue engagement, at least this episode gave us another musical moment between Chimney and Maddie; he came home to find her singing the Jackson 5’s “I’ll Be There” to baby Jee-Yun and joined her for a duet.

“It’s always a beautiful thing when I get to sing with the wonderful Jennifer Love Hewitt. She has the loveliest voice and is so wonderful to work with. Any chance that I get to do anything like this with her is such a treat.”

The couple last shared a song at karaoke back in Season 2, and Choi still remembers how “petrified” he was by that prospect.

I really wasn’t sure if I could sing or not,” he recalls. “I do what most people do. I’m a shower singer, I sing in my car, I sing when there’s no one around. So how could I ever really know if I could sing? And then as I was singing, the people in the sound booths were saying, ‘You have a very nice voice, a very nice tone.’ That gave me a boost of confidence, so ever since then I’ve said, ‘Give me all the singing you want. I’m ready.'”

Heck, Choi says he wouldn’t say no to a full-on musical episode at this point. “All I want is to see Peter Krause dancing around,” he says. “Don’t you?”

OK, let’s unpack this week’s Chimney-centric hour. Any favorite moments to share? Drop ’em in a comment below.

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