All 31 Shows Cancelled This Summer

Cancelled Show List 2020

It was a cruel summer in the TV biz, with more than two dozen series getting the heave-ho in the past three months. The cancellation toll was heaviest at Netflix: The streaming giant axed seven shows — including two that had already been renewed —between June 1 and Aug. 31. NBC, which postponed a handful of bubble show decisions due to the chaos caused by COVID-19, ranked second with four terminations, followed by Hulu with three. As we nervously wait to see if the purge continues into fall, we’re tossing this provocative question your way: Of the 31 series dispatched to the MIA Network, which loss caused you the most despair? Scroll down for a recap on all of every show that met an untimely end this summer (in the exact order that they were taken from us), and then decide which casualty — or casualties — cut the deepest.