Yellowstone's 25 Best Characters Ever, Ranked: The Good, the Bad and Teeter

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It’s been a minute, and we’re only just now starting to really catch our breath after Yellowstone’s explosive Season 3 finale. (You can read, or reread, TVLine’s detailed recap here.) As our heart rates slowly return to normal, something else is happening, too: We’re realizing how long we’re going to have to wait before we get a Season 4 and once again asking ourselves, “Why? Why the heck must a year be so dang many months?!?”

To stave off your as well as our mounting Yellowstone withdrawal symptoms, your friends at TVLine have compiled a list of the addictive Paramount Network drama’s 25 best characters thus far and ranked them from least to most compelling. And it wasn’t as easy as, say, Dutton patriarch John picking a favorite son from Kayce and Jamie, either.

Uh-uh. No. We had to split hairs to decide whether an interesting scumbag deserved to place higher on the countdown than a likable doofus, whether a Dutton who lasted only an episode should be above or below a grizzled Yellowstone lifer and whether there was any spot at all on this list for a ranch hand that we’ve never been able to understand without the subtitles on.

See? It’s not as simple as, “Yep, Rip rules.” (That’s a given.) To find out who wound up making the final cut — and where they placed in the Top 25 — review the photo gallery above (click here for direct access). Then hit the comments with your suggested alterations to the list.