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2019 in Review: The Scenes We Desperately Wish We Could Unsee

Worst TV Scenes 2019 Grossest

Thought the tongue-freezing scene in A Christmas Story was the most harrowing visual you’d encounter this holiday season? Boy, do we have a bunch of photos to show you!

Because we at TVLine are givers, we’ve collected extremely disgusting moments from 20 of your favorite shows. Our gross-out criteria was high: The scenes we selected had to a) air in 2019, and b) make us want to die a little inside every time we looked at them.

It makes sense, then, that the photos in the gallery below aren’t exactly the kind of thing you want to scroll through while eating… or while your kid, squeamish partner or highly impressionable pet is looking on. But the shots are the kind of thing that the people behind series as diverse as EuphoriaNCIS: Los AngelesFloribama Shore and The Good Doctor felt were absolutely necessary for you to see in primetime.

A quick note: There may be spoilers in this gallery, so if you’re behind on your favorite show and fear that you might be inadvertently spoiled by something you see, proceed with caution.

Browse our gallery of the most slimy bloody pukey insect-filled unforgettable TV moments of 2019 — you can click here for direct access — then drop a comment with your own additions to the list: Which scenes do you wish you never saw?

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