TV Stars Who Look Related — Who Do You Think Should Play Siblings?

TV Lookalikes Twins

It has happened to each and every one of us out there. You’re watching a TV program and you think, “Wow, that policeman should totally play the brother of the demon hunter from that other show!” Or, in the extreme, “Wait, that zany waitress isn’t the same actress from the medical drama we watched last night?!”

With nearly 500 scripted shows out there, you have to figure that at least 3,000 actors are currently, steadily employed. Add in the fact that a good chunk of them are conventionally attractive (and that the women pretty much share the same hairstyle), and odds are you’re going to find some “lookalikes” — or, at least pairs that look like they could be related (but probably aren’t, in all honesty. DNA spoiler alert!).

Sure, there are the oft-referenced uncanny resemblances, such as Nina Dobrev and Victoria Justice, or Abigail Spencer and Bridget Regan (who despite being four inches apart in height in fact took turns with the same role on Grey’s Anatomy).

But TVLine rounded up many other would-be kinfolk, in the attached photo gallery (click here for direct access). Take a look at who we think favor each other, then chime in with the TV stars who make you do a double take (and thus should probably share a family in their next project)!

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