Weekend TV Binge Guide: One Great Escape, Some Sure-Fire Laughs and 10 Other Staff Picks

The Shield FX

If you’re spending more time indoors these days, the time to binge — more than ever — is now. And the TVLine staff is here to help you figure out which PLAY buttons to press (after washing your hands, of course).

As a supplement to our weekly TVLine-Up overview and our daily, curated What to Watch listings, we present a dozen series or specials to binge, from a one-and-done wonder to some tried-and-true comedy. From the highly addicting first (but only first!) season of a guilty pleasure to the Great Escape that is The Shield. With some sure-fire chuckles and less-than-stark reality-TV sprinkled in for good measure.

Is hanging out with some Scrubs the cure for what ails you? (Is laughter the best medicine?) Can you identify, more than ever, with the cooped-up inhabitants of The Circle? Could an Evil binge demonstrate (demon-strate?) how much worse life could be?

Review our premiere list of recommendations (click here for direct access) and then tell us if any of them are right up your alley. Or, help a brother (or sister) out by preferring your own binge picks in the Comments section below.

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