The Oscars' Most Memorable Moments

Oscars Memorable Moments

Regardless of what movies or stars you are rooting for at the Oscars, one thing is for certain: the annual telecast is almost always good for a milestone moment, a stirring speech, or a memorable mishap.

A Hollywood institution since 1929, the Academy Awards were first broadcast by radio the year after, and then made the move to TV in 1953. Almost from the start, the ceremony had its memorable moments, such as in 1934 when presenter Will Rogers inadvertently led Lady for a Day‘s Frank Capra to think had won Best Director and even head toward the stage, when in fact it was Cavalcade‘s Frank Lloyd. (Moral of the story: last names matter!)

Oh and get this, in 1959 the awards ceremony actually ended ahead of time, leaving host Jerry Lewis with 20 minutes of dead air to fill, with vamping and what not.

In addition to those mentioned above, and ahead of this year’s Oscars telecast (airing Sunday on ABC, again with no host), TVLine is revisiting 25 more of the show’s most memorable moments, speeches and slip-ups, from Gone With the Wind‘s Hattie McDaniel making history to a deeply steamy “Shallow” duet — with not one but two instances involving Halle Berry, a shimmying Snow White and one mortifying #EnvelopeGate in between.

Revisit out curated list of 25 memorable moments (click here for direct access), and then tell us which of them you vividly remember as if it was yesterday, or chime in with other “Only at the Oscars!” incidents that resonate for you.

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