Supernatural: Every Time (and Every Way) That Sam and Dean Have Died — Do You Remember Them All?

Supernatural Dean Sam Deaths

Supernatural‘s Dean and Sam are no strangers to death. In fact, the duo have died — and been resurrected — over an astounding 100 times, proving that you just can’t keep a Winchester down.

Over the show’s 15-season run, Dean has met his so-called end approximately 112 times, mostly courtesy of the memorable time-loop episode “Mystery Spot.” But the hunter has also sacrificed himself on more than one occasion to cross over to the other side and confab with spirits, reapers and even Death. Meanwhile, Sammy has died just eight times (slacker!), but he does have the distinction of being the first brother to die, way back in Season 2.

In honor of the show’s final season, TVLine has compiled all of Dean and Sam’s many, many death scenes, with details on how they died — and how they were brought back to life. (Note: We limited the list to just our Dean and Sam, so those Season 15 visions of Dean and Sam killing each other in alternate realities aren’t included. But we did make an exception for Future Dean’s demise in Season 5’s “The End,” because maybe that could have been our Dean.)

And let’s not forget that the Winchesters’ death tally might actually be even higher than we know: In Season 5’s “Dark Side of the Moon,” Ash informed Dean and Sam that they have died before and been resurrected, with their memories of Heaven erased by angels.

Supernatural returns with the first of its final nine episodes on its new night Monday, March 16 at 8/7c on The CW.

Scroll through the attached gallery (or click here for direct access) to review the Winchesters’ various deaths, then hit the comments to tell us which one hit you hardest.

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