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2019 in Review: Biggest Plot Twists!

Plot Twists 2019 TV

As we continue looking back on 2019’s biggest small-screen moments, it’s time to relive the ones that had you gasping and tweeting — and us post mortem-ing — all year long.

Presented alphabetically, our list of the year’s biggest shockers includes jaw-dropping returns on How to Get Away With Murder and NCIS, time-bending twists on Arrow and Russian Doll, and long-awaited discoveries on The Big Bang Theory and Younger. Other shows featured in our gallery include Euphoria, Legacies, The Mandalorian and Game of Thrones.

As with all of TVLine’s year-end lists, it’s our duty to offer you the following warning: THIS GALLERY IS A SPOILER MINEFIELD. IF ANY OF YOUR FAVORITE SHOWS ARE CURRENTLY SITTING UNFINISHED ON YOUR DVR, YOU MIGHT WANT TO CONSIDER REVISITING THIS LIST WHEN YOU’RE ALL CAUGHT UP. Thanks for your time, we’re done screaming now.

Browse our gallery of the year’s most mind-blowing moments — you can click here for direct access — then drop a comment with your own picks below. Which other plot twists would you add to our list?

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