Great Scott! Counting Down The Office's Top 32 Most Memorable Michael Moments (Day 1)

The time has finally come to kick-off our week of “Goodbye, Michael Scott” goodies, and I for one am a big ol’ mess about it. The thought of The Office moving ahead without its shameless leader (and Steve Carell, for that matter) is still kind of unbearable, but this is happening, folks, so I’ve put together a digital trip down memory lane to help ease the pain — even if just a bit.

Over the next four days, I’ll be counting down Michael’s Top 32 moments — eight per day — leading up to the departing boss’ supersized swan song this Thursday at 9/8c on NBC. Did your favorite Scott-isms make the cut?

Michael Moment #32: Dunder Mifflin’s Rent-inspired musical number, “Seasons of Michael”
Episode: “Michael’s Last Dundies,” Season 7
Here’s Why: “Yeah, OK. Well, this is gonna hurt like a motherf—er.” And just like that, a tearful Michael Scott summed up my feelings on the imminent exit of the World’s Best Boss. It could easily be argued that this moment is really a standout for the cast as a whole, but what warmed my heart most was seeing the genuine love and appreciation on Michael’s face as the musical goodbye kicked off. “Something’s happening” indeed — Michael was finally given the happy ending he’s earned over the years.

Michael Moment #31: A Dunder Mifflin dance hall dream is realized
Episode: “Cafe Disco,” Season 5
Here’s Why: It’s Michael’s downstairs dance club — what could be better? Well, when Jim and Pam — your self-proclaimed best friends — show up to join the party, life is officially good. Another (semi-)successful venture from The Scott-Man.

Michael Moment #30: The director’s cut of Dunder Mifflin Scranton’s commercial
Episode: “Local Ad,” Season 4
Here’s Why: Michael channels his inner-Spielberg and decides to direct his own TV spot for the company after guest star Kyle Bornheimer (Perfect Couples) takes a much-too-literal approach to the project. Not only does this moment provide pure Scott silliness, it showcases his unwavering pride in his branch and the people who populate it.

Michael Moment #29: Law & Order monologue
Episode: “Andy’s Play,” Season 7
Here’s Why: Dun-dun! Michael Gary Scott, a master of improv, auditions for a part in a local production of Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street, by recreating an entire episode of Law & Order. Need I say more?

Michael Moment #28: The end of an era… maybe
Episode: “Branch Closing,” Season 3
Here’s Why: In case you hadn’t heard, Michael Scott loves Dunder Mifflin. Sure, he’s preparing to leave the company now, but a few years ago it was all he could do to keep quiet about the Scranton branch allegedly coming to a close. It’s this kind of unprofessionalism and lack of composure that made Michael the man we so loved (and loved to hate) early in the show’s run.

Michael Moment #27: Pretzel Day
“Initiation,” Season 3
Here’s Why: Michael Scott (and Stanley Hudson!) love a really good soft pretzel, and the fact they the free pretzel cart only comes to Dunder Mifflin once a year brings out the best and worst in the boss. Worst part: The mondo sugar rush from the “every topping” treat he inhales. Best part: The mondo sugar rush from the “every topping” treat he inhales.

Michael Moment #26: A David Brent delight
“The Seminar,” Season 7
Here’s Why: Call it fate: During a chance meeting by the elevators, Michael crosses paths with Wernham Hogg office boss David Brent, who just so happens to be his perfect match. The chemistry between Carell and Ricky Gervais is undeniable, and this moment is simply a long-overdue meeting of the minds.

Michael Moment #25: An Entourage-infused conflict
Episode: “The Coup,” Season 3
Here’s Why: What do you do when you find out that your right-hand man has betrayed you? First, you call him out on his lies and publicly humiliate him. Then you use a little Ari Gold gold to smooth things over with a “Hug it out, bitch.” At least, that’s how Michael handles Dwight, but not until after he examines his so-called tooth work from a “dentist names Crentist.”

Check back Tuesday as TVLine counts down more of Michael Scott’s most memorable moments. And be sure to hit the comments with your personal faves!

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