Great Scott! Counting Down The Office's Top 32 Most Memorable Michael Moments (Day 3)

Better late then never! Prison Mike has finally made an appearance on TVLine’s Top 32 Most Memorable Michael Scott Moments countdown. But what else is on the list? Read on for Day 3’s hilarious and heartfelt selections and then check back Thursday — D-Day for Michael — to find out what made the Top 8! 

Michael Moment #16: A need for clean pee
Episode: “Drug Testing,” Season 2
Here’s Why: It’s happened to everyone: You go to an Alicia Keys concert, some hot girl offers you a suspicious-looking cigarette, and the next day your office implements random drug testing. Only when it happens to Michael Scott, he relies on his right-hand man Dwight K. Schrute to spot him a cup of urine. This moment is not only hilarious, it defined the twosome’s unwavering friendship moving forward.

Michael Moment #15: Pam’s art show
Episode: “Business School,” Season 3
Here’s Why: Michael was there for Pam Beesly when no one else was. This heartwarming moment was a welcome surprise, and finally showcased just how caring — and fatherly — the goofy office manager could be.

Michael Moment #14: “That one night, it made everything alright…
Episode: “Dinner Party,” Season 4
Here’s Why: What a sordid love affair it was for Michael and Jan Levinson Gould. Of course, when Office fans think of this wayward duo, the mind immediately soars to their infamous dinner party where we were lucky enough to learn a new song (thanks, Hunter), meet Michael’s flat-screen TV, and discover that the poor guy has had a vasectomy… or four.

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Michael Moment #13: A walk of shame
Episode: “Phyllis’s Wedding,” Season 3
Here’s Why: Another honor is bestowed upon Michael when Phyllis asks him push her father down the aisle at her wedding (as a means of accruing more vacation time). Sadly, Pops has plans to use his own legs to make it to the alter — and that doesn’t go over well with M.S.

Michael Moment #12: A (car) crash to remember
Episode: “Fun Run,” Season 4
Here’s Why: Thank goodness Meredith ended up having rabies, because Michael running over one of his employees with his car — priceless, by the way! — could have turned out a lot worse.

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Michael Moment #12.5: A “superstitious” turn of events
Episode: “Fun Run,” Season 4
Here’s Why: “I’m not superstitious, but I am a little stitious.” No words necessary.

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Michael Moment #11: Mr. Scott models “lady clothes”
Episode: “The Negotiation,” Season 3
Here’s Why: Poor Michael is miss-interpreted again. But what else would he expect showing up at the office in a barrel-bought lady’s “power suit”?!

Michael Moment #10: An offensive Indian impression
Episode: “Diversity Day,” Season 1
Here’s Why: Before he had any redeeming human characteristics whatsoever, this Season 1 Michael Scott moment took the cake. Equal parts offensive and hilarious — not to mention seeing Kelly Kapoor looking all professional-like — old-school Michael Scott proved that making people terribly uncomfortable can be funny.

Michael Moment #9: Prison Mike is here to scare you straighttt!
Episode: “The Convict,” Season 3
Here’s Why: Prison Mike is quite possibly the great character who ever lived — at least the greatest one played by Michael Gary Scott. With one-liners like “Do you really expect me not to push you up against a wall, beyotch?” and “Hey, that’s just the way we talk in ‘da clink,” how could you not fall head-over-heels with this bandanna-wearing badass, who was created as a way to show his employees that going to jail is not all fun (no matter what the office’s resident convict says). Oh, and just in case you forgot, this is how Prison Mike became the man he is today: “I stole, and I robbed, and I kidnapped the president’s son…and held him for ransom! And I never got caught, neither.”

Don’t miss TVLine’s final installment of the greatest Michael Scott moments on Thursday. And be sure to hit the comments with your personal favorites. Has your top Scott-ism popped up yet?

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