TV's Best First Kisses: Friends, Buffy, Gilmore Girls, Outlander, Alias, Castle, Arrow, All My Children and More

TV's Best First Kisses

There’s nothing quite like a great first kiss — and TV history is filled with dozens of ’em.

Sometimes, it’s a years-in-the-making smooch that fans have waited season after season to see. Or perhaps it’s a surprise lip-lock that even the characters didn’t see coming! Whatever the situation, TV has been satisfying ‘shippers for years with first kisses that are sweet, scandalous or downright sexy. (All three, in some cases!)

In celebration of this Valentine’s Day, we’ve rounded up more than 30 of the small screen’s most memorable first kisses, which you can peruse in the attached gallery. Among the moments that still make us swoon: Jim and Pam’s long-awaited tension-breaker on The Office, The Mindy Project‘s mile-high makeout, a very passionate argument for Cheers‘ Sam and Diane, and a Dawson’s Creek kiss that made TV history, to name a few.

We should note, of course, that not every scene in our gallery is technically that couple’s very first kiss. Rather, in a few instances we’ve highlighted their first real and/or most memorable smooches, though there may have been other pecks that took place prior.

Scroll through the attached gallery — or click here for direct access — to see our picks for TV’s best first kisses, then hit the comments and tell us: Which kisses make your list?

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