TV's Best Bottle Episodes for When You, Too, Are Stuck in One Spot

Best TV Bottle Episodes Photos

Bottle episodes are self-contained TV installments that don’t stray far from one set or location. And given this week’s events, there’s a good chance that you feel like you’re starring in a bottle episode of your own.

The coronavirus has forced many of us to hole up in our homes in an attempt to slow the illness’ spread. So if you’re engaging in a little social distancing for the greater good, thank you! You’re part of the solution, and we applaud you.

But we also know how quickly those walls can start to feel like they’re closing in. To combat that claustrophobic sensation, we thought we’d remind you of 20 times when staying in one place turned out kinda awesome.

To that end: The gallery at right contains our picks for the best bottle episodes TV has ever aired. Our picks include, among others, a Battlestar Galactica brawl, a Frasier dinner party, a Family Guy therapy session and a Friends character who couldn’t be wearing more clothes.

For the purposes of this gallery, we chose episodes that pretty much kept the action on one set. “But that Game of Thrones one takes place all over Winterfell!” you cry. Correct! But in these hand sanitizer-scented times, how about we all cut each other a little slack?

Click on the gallery above — or go to it directly here — to see which bottle episodes made our list. Then hit the Comments to tell us about your favorites, since we of course are not here to list them all. And stay safe, everyone!