10 One-Season Teen Dramas Worth Revisiting, From Freaks and Geeks to The Secret Circle and More

Best Teen TV Dramas

When you’re a teenager, every little crisis feels like the end of the world. And when you’re a teen TV junkie, every cancellation can be just as crushing.

For every One Tree Hill and Beverly Hills, 90210 — two shows that ran long enough to see their high school-aged characters grow into successful, shark-jumping adults — there are countless teen dramas that were tragically (criminally, even!) robbed of that same opportunity. And since you’re probably running out of old shows to binge at this juncture in your quarantine, TVLine has assembled a handy guide to some teen treasures worth excavating.

From forgotten ’90s soaps like Malibu Shores and Young Americans to more recent teen fare like The Secret Circle and Jane by Design, we’ve gathered 10 short-lived gems that totally hold up to this day.

And compiling this list was no easy task. In addition to reaching into our hearts and memories, we also had to ask ourselves difficult questions, like, “Is Bunheads really considered a teen drama?” You may not agree with all of our choices, but that’s OK. This is America. We can all make our own choices.

Browse our gallery of 10 single-season teen dramas worth revisiting — you can click here for direct access — then drop a comment with your personal favorites below. Which would you add to our list?