For FX's 25th Anniversary, We Ranked the Network's 25 Greatest Shows Ever

FX Best Shows Ranked List

FX is celebrating a big birthday… so we’re celebrating all the great TV it’s given us.

25 years ago this week, FX began broadcasting as Fox’s cable sister station, and the early years were, frankly, not very promising: an awkward mix of live programming and Batman reruns. But with the 2002 debut of The Shield, FX reinvented itself as a home for daring original series, and has since blossomed into a prestige TV powerhouse rivaled only by the likes of HBO and Netflix. (At this rate, they’re going to need to build a separate room to hold all their Emmys.)

So to honor FX’s first quarter-century, we’re ranking the very best TV shows the channel has had to offer — which are some of the best that TV in general has had to offer in that time, actually. From stellar dramas like Justified to The Americans to groundbreaking comedies like Atlanta and It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, FX shows truly are a cut above… and ranking them against one another was no easy task.

So check out the gallery attached above — or click here for direct access — to see our ranked list of the 25 greatest FX shows ever. Don’t agree with our rankings? Did we miss an FX favorite of yours? Hit the comments below and share your own rankings.