TV Runs for Office: 10 Funny Episodes to Help You Survive Until Election Day

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Are you tired of this election? That means you have something in common with, well, everyone.

You can’t flip on the TV these days without hearing someone yell about Trump, Hillary, videos, emails, tax returns, Wikileaks… and we still have more than three weeks to go! No matter which candidate you support, every one of us could use a serious mental-health break. So let’s all heal together with the power of laughter.

Click on the photo gallery to the right and find ten hilarious episodes of TV, all lampooning the sheer ridiculousness of our electoral process. These old favorites and new classics — all available to stream right now — should help you find some humor in this grim marathon of a presidential campaign. (We laugh so that we do not cry.)

Take a look at the episodes we picked, then come back and hit the comments to remind us of all the funny political episodes we forgot to include. (We can always order a recount.) But please, no real-world politics talk. We’ve all had enough of that to last us a lifetime.