Gotham Is Riddled With Threats Familiar and New as Season 3 Resumes

What is easy to get into, but hard to get out of?

The answer to that riddle is trouble, which Fox’s Gotham has plenty to serve its heroes as Season 3 resumes this Monday at 8/7c.

When last we tuned into the third-year, DC Comics-based drama, Edward Nygma (played by Cory Michael Smith) had sent Penguin (Robin Lord Taylor) to sleep, literally, with the fishes. “But in Gotham, you can’t keep a bad man down,” executive producer John Stephens reminds TVLine. “History has shown us that Oswald’s a slippery fish. He’s a hard one to kill.”

With the action picking up weeks later, Nygma himself, meanwhile, “takes that next step towards becoming a supervillain,” including the acquisition of the Riddler nickname and the dapper wardrobe that goes with it.

Elsewhere, the emergence of Frank Gordon (Dexter‘s James Remar) will “provide us with an understanding of Jim’s emotional and historical connection, family-wise, to the Court of Owls,” Stephens says. “For Jim (Ben McKenzie) to realize that he has sort of a family legacy within the Court, to choose against that to take it down, helps to establish his journey — not in just this story, but beyond it, going forward.”

Bruce Wayne will encounter a shaman (played by Justified‘s “awesome” and “terrifying” Raymond J. Barry, pictured above) who “in a very iconic way” nudges the future Batman “a few steps further” toward his fate, the EP shares, while the infamous Ra’s al Ghul (Deep Space Nine‘s Alexander Siddig), we come to realize, “has been a presence in Bruce’s life for a long time” — a revelation that will set the stage for any possible Season 4.

Effusing about Siddig’s take on the role, Stephens says, “He kills it,” noting: “I don’t think we could have cast someone who looks more like the idea of Ra’s. Plus, he plays everything with an effortless dignity, and a kind of majesty that brings a lot to the character.”

As for the town’s terrible (and terribly sexy) twosome of “Babs and Tabs,” “There will be trouble in paradise” as Barbara (Erin Richards) continues her quest to become “the queen of Gotham,” only to be met with new obstacles. Says Stephens, “That friendly sisterhood that exists will become… distressed.”

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