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Chicago Fire Fall Preview: Will Dawson and Casey Get Hitched in Season 5?

Fall TV Spoilers

In Season 5 of NBC’s Chicago Fire (premiering, Tuesday, Oct. 11 at 10/9c), there are “a few more” bumps in the road for Casey and Dawson, but they are “firmly a couple,” executive producer Michael Brandt confirms, adding that the pair has some “decisions” ahead of them.

“They have a foster child; that’s not permanent. They’re not married, and you can’t be on truck together if you’re married. So they have a lot of things to work out,” the EP explains.

The show will also continue to “play with” the possibility of a relationship between Severide and Kidd (aka “the angel on his shoulder, trying to keep him straight”), while fast-paced new pal Travis (Grey’s Anatomy‘s Scott Elrod) tempts the rescue squad lieutenant.

As for the Jimmy vs. Boden showdown, “It gets about as ugly as it can get,” Brandt warns.

Also on tap: Otis wants to be on the first mission to Mars, Brett and Mouch write “steamy romance novels” about firefighters and Molly’s celebrates its centennial in Episode 100.

BONUS SPOILER!: Viewers will meet Dawson’s “wacky” but “old-fashioned” parents, who are celebrating their 40th wedding anniversary.

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