Dave Nemetz Senior Editor

Dave Nemetz Senior Editor

Dave Nemetz has been covering TV roughly since The Sopranos debuted, so he’s witnessed the Golden Age of Television firsthand. A graduate of New York University, Dave most recently spent five years at Yahoo TV, where he wrote about everything from Mad Men to Vanderpump Rules, rising to the rank of Senior Editor there. He’s also survived covering the Emmys red carpet and Comic-Con, and lent his on-camera TV expertise to The Insider. Dave is based in Los Angeles, where his wife, dog, and cat watch a lot of TV with him.

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Horror has never been network TV’s strong suit. Outside of a few notable exceptions (Hannibal, The Exorcist), the big networks have been content to let cable and streaming TV dominate the darker side of horror ever since Mulder and Scully first fired up their flashlights on The X-Files. READ MORE