Did Ted Lasso Reunion Satisfy? Plus, New Beginnings for Nate and Rebecca

Ted Lasso Season 3 Episode 10

Roy Kent finally got out of his own way. But was it too little, too late?

Not one single thing about Roy and Keeley’s breakup felt natural. Ever since Ted Lasso confirmed that Roy ended things, we’d been patiently waiting for the other shoe to drop — for the series to reveal some previously unknown issue that drove a wedge between them. The obstacle needed to be something far more difficult to overcome than merely Roy wallowing in self-doubt. (Was one of TV’s most loving and supportive relationships really that fragile that it was unmoored by a photo shoot and a flirty conversation with Phoebe’s teacher?)

Ted Lasso Season 3, Episode 10Phoebe was able to deduce that her uncle was his own worst enemy within minutes of learning that Roy and Keeley split up. One week later, following his return to Stamford Bridge, Roy reached the same conclusion. So, why did it take so long for him to confront Keeley? And if his pity party was really the only thing keeping them apart, why prolong their reunion? Had Roy apologized to Keeley sooner, perhaps she wouldn’t have been off on her own island, away from the action at Nelson Road, for the majority of Season 3, and we could’ve avoided the whole Jack fiasco.

Likewise, Nathan’s path to redemption has been a slog. We learned at the start of Episode 10 that he was no longer head coach of West Ham United — but why have such a huge twist play out off-screen? Trent heard rumblings of “inappropriate workplace behavior” over at West Ham, and Rupert’s assistant/corporate pixie dream girl Ms. Kakes was no longer in the picture. Are we to surmise that Nate sealed his fate by reporting (or threatening to expose) his boss’ extramarital affair?

Ted Lasso Season 3, Episode 10Meanwhile, to escape the press, Nate retreated to his childhood bedroom. It was during his stint in hibernation that we discovered the “Wonder Kid” was an actual wunderkind — a child prodigy who gave up the violin because his father pushed him too hard and never offered him positive reinforcement. Mr. Shelley apologized and admitted that he didn’t know how to raise a genius — his words, not ours — before assuring his son that he’s only ever wanted for him to be happy. That was apparently all Nate needed to hear to put his daddy issues behind him and move forward. By episode’s end, the former kit man had kicked off his inevitable apology tour at Nelson Road, sneaking in to set up the locker room for Will — a relatively small gesture, as far as we’re concerned, after verbally berating Will for the entirety of Season 2.

If nothing else, we were pleased to see Rebecca finally overcome her longstanding obsession with beating ex-husband Rupert this week — even if we had to suffer through the return of Edwin Akufo to get her there.

What did you think of Ted Lasso Season 3, Episode 10: “International Break”? And what are your hopes for the final two episodes?

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