Ghosts Finale Sets Up Torturous Cliffhanger — Plus, One Relationship Takes a Big Step Forward

Ghosts Finale Recap

It’s going to be a long and worrisome hiatus for Ghosts fans following Thursday’s Season 2 finale, which left the fates of Sam and Jay’s beloved mansion spirits up in the air.

At the episode’s start, the couple gets an unwelcome surprise: Someone else might be the heir to the Woodstone estate! A young woman named Kelsey claims her exotic dancer mother had a romance with Sam’s uncle David Woodstone, which means Sam’s great aunt Sophie is actually Kelsey’s grandmother, making her more of a Woodstone than Sam. Thus, the house rightfully belongs to Kelsey, which a DNA test confirms.

But when Jay mentions the strip club at which David allegedly met Kelsey’s mom, Trevor reveals that his bro David was banned from Scores. So Sam and Jay visit the site of David’s death — a gentlemen’s club serving sketchy sushi, naturally — and find his ghost there. David tells Sam that there’s no way Kelsey, who was born in 1997, is his daughter because he’s been shooting blanks since ’93.

When Sam confronts Kelsey, wanting a new DNA test, Kelsey is outed as being in cahoots with the Woodstone estate’s lawyer, Dan, who promised her $10,000 to pretend to be Sam’s cousin. Dan got a substantial offer from the Four Seasons to buy the property, and he was going to give Sam and Jay a paltry payout, while he used the Four Seasons money to pay off his gambling debts.

With Woodstone once again theirs, Sam and Jay agree that they’re not going to take the offer from Four Seasons because they can’t leave the ghosts, who’ve become like family. As the couple sit in the car and talk, a white light suddenly beams down over the house.

“Oh my God, I think one of the ghosts just got sucked off!” Sam exclaims, while Jay hopes it’s Trevor.

Ghosts RecapNow, who could it be? Well, I have a theory that starts with Isaac being miffed that Sam got him a measly scented candle with her $20,000 book advance. Since he’s the subject and contributor, she agrees to split the money with him. Isaac declares that he wants to buy a new, single-person daybed from Pottery Barn with his $10,000, which upsets Nigel. Sas explains to Isaac that it’s “a sign that you don’t want to get more serious.” After all, he hasn’t even asked Nigel to move into his room.

Isaac is worried about being heartbroken for eternity if things don’t work out with Nigel, but Thor, of all people, basically says love is worth the risk. So Isaac tells Nigel that he’s not at the stage where he’d feel comfortable cohabitating… then gets down on one knee to propose! An overjoyed Nigel accepts, and now that they’re betrothed, the pair decide to buy a king-sized bed. But will they actually get to sleep in it? What if by getting engaged to the man he loves, Nigel got closure on his unfinished business and was “sucked off”?

Ghosts RecapElsewhere in the episode, Alberta still isn’t speaking to Hetty following last week’s reveal of Alberta’s murderer. So their friends convene ghost court, where Hetty pleads her case. While she was silent back then, the Hetty of today has changed, thanks to women like Alberta, Flower and Sam, she says. But Alberta wants blood, leading Hetty to be sentenced to banishment in the woods for an entire year.

Even Alberta is taken aback by the harsh punishment and asks if they can still meet up for daily walks, which is a no-no. She doesn’t want to go a whole year without her friend, but to reverse the sentencing, she needs to forgive Hetty. Alberta agrees — but Hetty has to give up her room and move in with Flower, who is ecstatic at the idea of braiding hair and massage trains with her new roomie.

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