Chicago P.D.: LaRoyce Hawkins Weighs in on #Burzek's Reconciliation and Atwater's Friendship with Burgess

In case you missed it, Burgess and Ruzek are back together on Chicago P.D.

The pair rekindled things in Episode 17 after one of Burgess’ therapy sessions, which exposed how they really felt about each other. Ruzek wanted more in their relationship and believed she didn’t feel the same way. While Burgess couldn’t bring herself to say everything out loud in front of her therapist, she did make her feelings known in private while they were home together.

Given the pair’s close friendship with fellow Intelligence cop Atwater, it’s safe to say that he was among the first to know about their reconciliation.

“Of course, Atwater is aware of their situation,” LaRoyce Hawkins, who plays Atwater, tells TVLine. “Ruzek was damn near texting Atwater the whole time. The last time things got steamy, he knew it was on the way. He saw it in the ride.”

“We are such a family, and we’re so comfortable with each other. We’re all really like brother and sister, and Voight is our illegitimate dad,” Hawkins shares. “We have fun in those moments, and we embrace it. But somebody has to get some love. I have to live vicariously through Ruzek and Burgess.”

Atwater’s friendship with Burgess predates their time in Intelligence, having been partnered while serving as patrol cops back in Season 1. Since then, their relationship has blossomed, and Burgess even turned to him for help with her daughter Makayla’s hair.  With only a few episodes left until the Season 10 finale on May 24, Hawkins says fans can expect more scenes with them together, although it’s “kind of subtle.”

“What’s dope about me and [Marina Squerciati, who plays Burgess] is that we communicate. We talk all the time about our characters and where they’re going, the things that we miss, the things that we want to see,” he says.

“Our imaginations don’t always line up with the imaginations of the writers, but what we have a good time doing is finding the balance… We do our best, whether it’s written or not, to find moments to connect, to challenge the writers. Sometimes we do have to ask them or remind them of what they wrote so that we can continue to grow from those moments. But this is what happens when you’re 10 seasons deep. You have so much information to try to maintain and line up, but we do our best with it.”

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