Stephen Amell Doesn't Think He's Done Playing Green Arrow

Arrow Recap 8x06

Stephen Amell firmly believes he still has some arrows left in his quiver.

This week on The CW’s The Flash, Amell of course reprised his role as Oliver Queen/Spectre/Green Arrow, more than three years after the Arrowverse’s flagship series wrapped its eight-season, 170-episode run.

“Going back and doing that was really, really exciting. But also, by the end of the second night, filming those fight scenes, I was like, ‘OK! That’s enough,” he told TVLine, laughing.

Yet when TVLine asked Amell if he now feels as if he has truly suited up for the very last time as the emerald archer, he was quick to say, “I don’t think so.”

Any next round as Green Arrow, though, would have to have a more finite timetable.

“We had a good run on The CW in the Arrowverse,” Amell noted, “but the idea of 22 or 23 episodes a year…. That’s a very specific way to make television, with act breaks and all those things. I had had my fill of playing Arrow in that particular medium.

“But the idea of going back and doing something on a limited basis, or doing a movie,” is absolutely of interest to Amell, he said.

As is having Oliver deliver more brutal beatdowns.

Reflecting on the fight sequences shown in new flashbacks in Arrow‘s final hour — and maybe exaggerating a smidgen — Amell said, “We had scenes in our series finale where I must have killed, like, 100 people, but we were never allowed to show any blood. A lot of this hand-to-hand stuff can pack so much more of a punch if we have a little more freedom in terms of what we can show,” as would be the case with a streaming series or a DC movie, for example.

Would you like to see Amell suit up again, as an even grittier Green Arrow?

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