Barry Is Darker Than Ever, So We Ask the Cast: Is This Show Still a Comedy?

HBO’s hitman comedy Barry features murders for hire, bloody mob massacres and plenty of intense psychological drama. A real laugh riot, right?

The presence of SNL alum Bill Hader as the titular killer may lead viewers to expect something lighter and goofier than what Barry actually is, but the show has defied those expectations from the start, spinning a tale that balances comedy and drama while getting darker and darker each season. With Barry ending its run this year after four seasons, TVLine decided to ask Hader and his co-stars: Can we even call this show a comedy anymore?

In the video above, Hader bristles briefly at the question itself (“I never understand that question”) before deciding: “I think it’s a comedy because it’s 30 minutes. But I just like telling a story.” He notes with a laugh that “when the show started, people said it was really dark… and then in my head, I’m like, ‘Well, this is nothing. Wait till you guys see where this is headed!'” Anthony Carrigan, aka Chechen gangster Hank, says: “I don’t think you can pin down what it is, really. It has really, really funny moments to it, and it has really dark moments to it, but I think it’s just its own story, and a fascinating one, at that.”

Sarah Goldberg, who plays actress Sally on the series, says she likes to call it “a drama with jokes,” adding: “The tone is so unique. It kind of lives in its own genre, in a way… Some episodes feel more like a thriller, some feel more like a straight drama, some feel more like a straight comedy.” But she does concede: “If you were tuning in on, like, a Tuesday night looking for a light laugh at 7:30 and you started on Season 4, you might be thrown.”

Press PLAY above to hear co-stars Henry Winkler and Stephen Root’s take on the subject as well, and hit the comments with your verdict: Is Barry still a comedy?

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