Will Fire Country's Bode Be a Free Man in Season 2? EP, Max Thieriot Weigh In

Fire Country Bode Paroled Free

“This is what hope feels like,” Fire Country‘s Gabriela very recently told Bode, as they dreamed aloud about one day sharing dinners at home, him a free man, and them both eventually wearing nothing.

But is that a false hope? Is there a version of Fire Country — even as early as Season 2 — where Bode doesn’t bungle something during his last weeks and indeed gets paroled? And he then leaves Three Rock behind?

Or is that not Fire Country, which was sold to us as a drama about a convict sent to a prison fire camp located in the hometown he long ago left in his rear view mirror?

“The sky’s the limit,” showrunner Tia Napolitano told TVLine, when we asked if the series might one day revolve around a paroled Bode Leone. “Nothing is set in stone, so you’re just going to have to tune in and find out.”

Max Thieriot, who plays Bode and is also an executive producer on the series that he co-created, also hinted at a world of possibilities for his do-right inmate.

“As you’ve seen, we’re telling the stories of these characters and watching the evolution of them, so we’re not going to be doing the same thing every week for however any years we’re hopefully doing this,” he told TVLine. “We want to see the progression, the evolution, the ups and downs, so no matter what the final decision is [about Bode’s future], our hope is that it doesn’t feel repetitive.”

Fire Country Bode Stolen Cash

One possible scenario, planted in the April 7 episode, is that the knapsack full of stolen cash that train hopper Robin (played by country superstar Kane Brown) handed off to Bode is a time bomb of sorts. Bode confided its existence with BFF inmate Freddy, who then took it to hide somewhere. Maybe the existence of said cash stash is discovered by someone, and Bode — rather than see Freddy take the fall and further delay his chance to reunite with girlfriend Cookie and their newborn child — throws himself on the proverbial grenade?

As previously reported, Napolitano did tease that “by the end of the season, we turn everything on its head. It’s full circle from the pilot, and I think it will feel very satisfying but also incredibly unexpected.”

Specifically previewing the already-renewed Fire Country‘s freshman finale, airing May 19, Napolitano said it revolves around “an event like you’ve never seen before on this show, and the culmination of all this character drama we’ve been building” includes “a new escalation in Bode’s journey…. It’s an incredibly satisfying way to end a roller coaster of a season.”

What say you, Fire Country faithful? Will Bode make parole and be free to woo Gabriela? Or is a heartbreaking, con-blocking twist around the corner?

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